Call for submissions: 10 Things and Bodies

Our December issue on “Thriftiness” has begun, and we have not one, but two calls for submissions for you below. One is a quicker turnaround for our (Parenthetical) week at the end of December, honoring our “10 Things” tradition begun with catapult magazine. The other is a deadline for our February issue theme on “Bodies.” Please review the theme details below and our Editorial Guidelines; submissions can be sent online via our submission form. Let us know if you have any questions … and we look forward to reading what you come up with!

10 Things

Submission deadline: December 19
Publishing dates: December 28-January 1

Based on the catapult magazine tradition of publishing lists around the turn of the year, our parentheticals week will ring in the new year with lists of 10 THINGS. These do not have to be best-of 2015 (or best-of anything else for that matter)–just 10 things on a topic of your choice from the place where you find yourself. You can say a little something about each item if you’d like, or include links. Need some ideas? Here’s a smattering of possibilities:

  • Hidden spots within walking distance of your house
  • Places where you’ve felt alive
  • Books worth reading about ________.
  • Tree species on your block
  • Works of public art in your town
  • Quotes about ______ (rootedness, civic engagement, suffering, the built environment…)
  • Practices for loving your place in the coming year
  • National holidays your town would celebrate if it were a country
  • Your turn… 🙂



Submission deadline: December 29
Publishing dates: February 1-19

Neither the inner life of the mind nor the outer life of action is possible without the human body. The story of each individual is profoundly shaped by the color of skin, the abilities of limbs, the perception of gender and so many more aspects of our physical selves, including where we were born and where we now make our homes. What is the relationship between your body and the places you have been?

  • Where were you born and how has that fact shaped the way you see the world? Where do you live now, and why?
  • What is the interplay between your body and the climate of the place where you live, in its various seasons?
  • How do the physical qualities of bodies and geography interact in your place? Think: skin color, physical ability, age, environmental health impacts…
  • In what ways do you move your body throughout your place? How does this affect the way you see where you live?
  • To whom do you look as a model of aging well in a place?
  • Tell a story about a time you experienced a significant intersection between your outer life and inner life through your physical body.