Call for submissions: Labor

We take a publishing break in August, but we’ll be back in September with an issue, appropriately, on “Labor.” Submissions for this issue—essays, poetry, images—are due August 1, so check out the description and questions below to get your wheels turning. Thank you for your consideration!

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Submission deadline: August 1
Publishing dates: September 5-23

By our labor, we humans bring forth food from the earth, shelter from a tree, a child from a womb, an institution from an idea. As we throw the muscles of our bodies, hearts, and minds into something, we are sometimes rewarded, sometimes surprised, sometimes spent, sometimes devastated. This issue will explore the many ways we find ourselves laboring in the places where we live.


  • What is the most difficult physical work you’ve ever done? Why?
  • What is the most difficult mental work you’ve ever done? Why?
  • What kind of labor do you find the most life-giving? The most draining?
  • What kinds of labor did your parents and grandparents do? How does it compare to the path you’ve chosen?
  • How do you balance various kinds of labor–head, heart, hands–in your life? How do you balance labor with rest?
  • Certain cultural patterns today require labor that prematurely breaks the bodies of those who do the work. What does this mean to you, and for the human community?
  • What sorts of labor are common in the place where you live, and how does that contribute to the local character?