Silent guns of love

And the road is coming to its end
Now the damned have no time to make amends
No purse of token fortune stands in our way
The silent guns of love will blast the sky

We broke the ruptured structure built of age
Our weapons were the tongues of crying rage
Where money stood, we planted seeds of rebirth
And stabbed the backs of fathers, sons of dirt

Infiltrated business cesspools
Hating through our sleeves
Yeah, and we slit the Catholic throat
Stoned the poor on slogans such as

“Wish you could hear, love is all we need”
Kick out the jams and kick out your mother
Cut up your friend, screw up your brother
Or he’ll get you in the end
And we know the flag of love is from above
And we can force you to be free
And we can force you to believe

David Bowie
“The Cygnet Committee” from Space Oddity


In honor of David Bowie, a creative force of extraordinary range who died yesterday.