Learning to grow deep roots

Learning to grow deep roots

Every summer, *culture is not optional (the umbrella organization of Topology Magazine) hosts a group of interns in Three Rivers, Michigan. We work, study, eat, and play alongside one another for a season, while we learn from each other and from Three Rivers what it can look like to live in a place in a deeply rooted way. Our interns come from a variety of places and backgrounds, though many of them are steeped in the Christian tradition which has at its center a story of God becoming one of us, to walk the earth and show us how to live together in love.

This past summer, we had the pleasure of getting to know five amazing new friends and they’ve given us the gift of writing a reflection on their experience as they transition to what’s next in each of their lives. Follow the links here to hear from Tess, Otto, Aubrey, Lauren, and Chelsea. As Tess writes,

Here in Three Rivers, I am living more intentionally than I ever have before. We think about our food sources, consumer ethics, community vision, the environment, local businesses, and take time and space for rest and contemplation. We try to make our lives visibly different because of what we believe about these things. An example would be cooking only with vegetables that are in season at the time, or manually pulling weeds instead of spraying them all. At first, it was hard to get used to. It felt exhausting and a little limiting. But it turned out to be so freeing and empowering. By living daily with more hospitality, simplicity, and imagination, I felt like I had more agency and a wider platform on which to live out my faith.

Thanks for spending the summer with us, friends, and we with you all the best in the places you’ll be exploring this fall!


Photo by Alek Frost.