Call for submissions: Bridges

The deadline for “Labor” (the September theme) has passed, so we’re turning our attention to the October theme, which will be “Bridges” with a submission deadline of September 1. Please check out the description and questions below, and then send us your narrative essays, poetry, and images for consideration by our editorial team. There is a link below with more information about our editorial guidelines, as well as a link to our online submission form. Thank you for considering a contribution to Topology!

Editorial guidelines
Online submission form


Submission deadline: September 1
Publishing dates: October 3-21

They connect countries and neighborhoods to one another, islands to the mainland, sidewalks for pedestrians. They are simple or elaborate, well-maintained or crumbling, crucial or obsolete. If you think about the bridges in your place, what do they stand for, in addition to their simple functionality? And what is the state of the unseen bridges where you are?


  • What is the bridge nearest your home? What is its story?
  • What is the most interesting bridge in your community, and how did it come to be there?
  • If you consider your daily or weekly routine, what kinds of bridges do you cross on a regular basis?
  • Those of us who live in the U.S. are in the middle of a highly unusual election year. What has (attempted) bridge-building looked like for you in this context?
  • What is one of the greatest bridge-building challenges in your community? Think race, income level, religion, geography…
  • Where have you seen successful bridge-building happening, either literally or metaphorically?