Call for submissions: Noise & Silence

Topology Magazine is currently seeking submissions for our upcoming “Noise & Silence” theme. Please review the theme details below and our Editorial Guidelines; submissions can be sent online via our submission form. Thank you!

Noise & Silence

Submission deadline: November 24
Publishing dates: January 4-22

Noise and silence can both be good things. Think: the swell of unison voices at an incredible concert or the peace of the house after all the guests have gone. And yet some noise is designed to obscure thought, and some silence is manufactured to perpetuate injustice. How have you experienced noise and silence in your place?

  • Recollect an experience of glorious noise. What did it feel like? What made that noise different from other sounds?
  • Recollect an experience of glorious silence. What did it feel like? What made that silence different from other kinds of quiet?
  • What do you tend to crave more—noise or silence—and why?
  • In what ways do you see silence being used as a tool of oppression in your community?
  • Make a list of the noisy places in your community. Who or what is making the noise there and why?
  • The noise that’s designed to obscure thought often comes from sources outside our communities—the Internet, television, etc. What does this mean for how we inhabit our places, and our ability to pay attention?