Call for submissions: Play

You haven’t heard from us for a little while and here’s why: because of a technical glitch, our editors were not receiving submissions. When we discovered what was happening, there was a whole bunch of great “Solastalgia” content waiting quietly in the wings, so we extended that issue theme into April and bumped “Borders & Boundaries” to May.

And now, we’re back on track with a new issue topic for June: “Play!” The deadline for this theme is May 8, and there are prompt questions below to get you thinking. But you may just want to head outside for a while to find your inspiration for this one… As always, we’re looking for:

  • Poems
  • Images
  • Essays

Thank you for your consideration!

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Submission deadline: May 8
Publishing dates: June 5-23

Humans demonstrate a need for play, but as we mature, play, like many things, gets more complicated. With the U.S. dropping bombs in Syria and Afghanistan, a global refugee crisis, and intractable problems in our local communities, why would we take the time to play? This issue will explore a form of human activity that tends to bring us back to where we are, in the moment.


  • When is the last time you played, and what did you do, with whom? How did it make you feel?
  • What do you do for play and why? What distinguishes play time from other kinds of activities like work or rest?
  • How was your play time as a child shaped by the place where you lived? How is your play time shaped by your place today?
  • If you’re a parent, what has it taught you or caused you to remember about play?
  • What kinds of playful spaces exist within walking distance of your home? How does the presence or absence of play spaces reflect and shape your community?
  • Have you ever designed a space for play? If so, what were the factors you considered and what was the result?
  • If someone offered to invest a million dollars in a play space for your neighborhood and put you in charge of the process, what would you help create?
  • When have you experienced a quality of playfulness in a surprising place and time? When have you tried to bring playfulness to a hard time?