Moral responsibility

Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity…. As the chief moral guardian of the community, the church must implore men to be good and well-intentioned and must extol the virtues of kindheartedness and conscientiousness. But somewhere along the way the church must remind men that devoid of intelligence, goodness and conscientiousness will become brutal forces leading to shameful crucifixions. Never must the church tire of reminding men that they have a moral responsibility to be intelligent. Must we not admit that the church has often overlooked this moral demand for enlightenment? At times it has talked as though ignorance were a virtue and intelligence a crime. Through its obscurantism, closed mindedness, and obstinacy to new truth, the church has often unconsciously encouraged its worshipers to look askance upon intelligence…. We are commanded to love God, not only with our hearts and souls but also with our minds.

Martin Luther King Jr.
Strength to Love