Topology Magazine is a place for active contemplation through prose, poetry, and art: the produce of thoughtful labor in the places where we find ourselves.

A topological map does not present the landscape as it actually is, but instead reflects the use a space is put to and the history and passage of culture which mark it. It shows—and shapes—relationships, interconnections, and human interaction. Similarly, Topology Magazine publishes work which tracks these interconnections, and the cultural literacy and responsibility necessary to value them, in our neighborhoods, our watersheds, and our world.

Each person is inextricably tied to their physical location, andTopology cultivates that connection by publishing work which explicitly or implicitly recognizes the influence of place. Just as a river picks up strength and mass from its tributaries along the way, and in turn shapes the landscape it flows through, so too do we draw inspiration from the places we inhabit and the places we travel through.

We value writing and artwork which invites purposeful reflection on our place in the world, our interactions with the communities around us, and how we are to live well, where we are, and with what we have. We believe that working towards a flourishing peace for all requires contemplative activism, and encourage others to join us in imagining a better world, and in celebrating the richness of the one we have.

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