Guest Editor Guidelines

Topology Magazine seeks to be a place where voices from diverse landscapes are represented, as well as a space of collaboration with other good projects around the world. As such, we welcome proposals from guest editors who desire to curate one week of content. All content should reflect Topology’s mission to collect artful dispatches from the places where we find ourselves, with emphasis on place and storytelling. To inquire or make a proposal, please use our contact form and our editor-in-chief will be in touch. Thank you for your interest!

Baseline Requirements

  • Curate five pieces of work for your chosen theme, which can be any combination of essays, poetry and images.
  • Secure permission from authors and artists, along with an e-mail address, head shot and short bio for each.
  • Submit all content to the Topology editor-in-chief one month before the first publishing date. Written pieces should be submitted as Word documents and images should be submitted as high-resolution JPG files.


  • Provide up to five short, provocative quotes with attribution for the Daily Asterisk, a quote that Topology sends out each weekday.
  • Provide photos for banner images to appear with written pieces.


Guest-edited issues run for one week, Monday through Friday. Here is a suggested timeline for securing and sending in material:

  • Two months out: Put out call for submissions to folks you hope will be involved with a clear deadline for submissions. Submissions should include the piece itself and a bio, head shot and e-mail address for the contributor. If you plan to include one of your own pieces as an editorial, begin working on this.
  • Six weeks out: Collect all submissions, offering one-week extensions to contributors as needed.
  • Five weeks out: Do a light edit on content and finalize all of the bits and pieces you need.
  • One month out: Send all content to the Topology editor-in-chief.
  • Publishing week: Promote your guest-edited content via e-mail and social media. Send thank you notes and links to your contributors.


  • Five works from artists and writers in your watershed. We are hoping to do LOTS of these over time from all different parts of the world!
  • Five different responses to the same significant place or cultural event (a film, art exhibit, festival, news event, etc.), in various genres.
  • Five re-printed pieces from a kindred publication you’re involved in, as a way of promoting your publication’s work.
  • Five pieces from a class, writer’s group or worshiping community that you’re involved in. These could be individually or collaboratively created.
  • Promote an upcoming conference, exhibit, or workshop by collecting five works from presenters.