Canada’s vast, interconnected and stunningly beautiful waterways

Last week we published a link to John Lavey’s watershed map of the United States. Topology Essay Curator Henry Bakker just came across this beautiful “Hydrological Map of Canada” by artist, architect, and designer Joy Charbonneau. John Allemang described the map in The Globe and Mail:

All those tiny, sinuous lines and expansive, irregular white shapes ramify and multiply to capture the constant, cyclical flow in a single image of astonishing abundance. We may appreciate how water defined our history, that it supplies our enviable prosperity, health and happiness through a ubiquitous availability to the forces of ingenuity. But as the fundamental interconnectedness of Ms. Charbonneau’s map reminds us, our water remains much more than an instrument of a human success story–at its most elemental ground-level state, pristine and uncontaminated, reclaimed and reborn, it is the nature of Canada itself.

You can see more detailed images of the map in the Globe and Mail piece.