Let speeches fall silent

Let speeches fall silent and platitudes cease
from hawkers of violence they brand as “peace.”
Let people who suffer find places to speak,
and holders of power give way to the weak.

Let teachers of hatred, suspicion, and fear,
and those who would kill for the views they hold dear,
be turned from their ways and disarmed of their wrath
to walk on a new, more compassionate path.

Forgive us the times we neglected to act;
forgive our excuses for courage we lacked.
God, teach us the wisdom that leads us to grace:
your image is found in our enemy’s face.

Adam Tice
“Let Speeches Fall Silent” (A hymn after the Orlando massacre)


Thank you to those who have inquired about missing daily asterisk quotes; it’s always nice to be missed! We’ll be taking an extended hiatus for a number of reasons; stay tuned to Topology today for more information. We recently heard this hymn, though, and it was too good not to share.