The margins of Topology: Is there anybody out there?

The margins of Topology

Over the past three weeks, the inaugural issue of Topology Magazine has explored the theme of margins from a wide variety of angles–ecological, social, sexual, economic, agricultural and more. Today, we arrive at one of the magazine’s own margins: the week between issue themes.

Affectionately known among our editorial staff as “parentheticals,” our weeks between issues will feature an assortment of content, some of which will build on the previous issue’s theme, and some of which will simply be stuff we like.  We’re also toying around with some exciting ideas for five-day mini-themes, so stay tuned.

This first week will feature a selection of content extending the theme of margins, but we will also experiment with an interactive component, namely, letters to the editor. The submission deadline for letters to the editor is Wednesday, October 28 at 5:00 p.m.–just two days from now!–so please review the instructions below and send something our way. We’ll be tickled to know you all are out there paying attention to our little ol’ project. In fact, the first five people to submit a letter will receive a free limited edition print copy of our first issue of Topology!


We are anxious to hear your thoughts about the first issue on margins, so please drop us a line!  You can respond to a particular piece or the issue theme as a whole, add a brief story about your experience with margins, congratulate or critique the work of Topology so far… We look forward to publishing your responses this coming Friday.  Please send in your letter (500 word maximum) via our contact form by 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday, October 28…and thank you!