Call for Submissions: Solastalgia

You maybe stumped by the word that is our theme for the March issue of Topology—I was until not that long ago. But check out the definition below and I think you’ll agree that it’s a word that deserves some traction in the world today. Essays, poetry, and images are all welcome on the topic by the February 1 deadline, and you can find links below for our editorial guidelines and online submission form. Thank you for your consideration!

Editorial guidelines
Online submission form


Submission deadline: February 1
Publishing dates: March 6-24

Solastalgia (n.): “A form of homesickness one gets when one is still at home, but the environment has changed.” A longing for a place that no longer exists, due to development, degradation, “progress.” At this time of year, many in the world observe Lent as a season of lament, and so we invite mourners of all backgrounds to share about the places they love that no longer exist in the form they fell in love with.


  • Write a list of the places you loved as a child that no longer exist in the form you loved. What do they have in common? Which one stands out to you as the most acute loss?
  • Who might feel a sense of loss about the place that you now dwell in? What role have you played in changing the place they now grieve?
  • How does an awareness of the layers of loss in a place over time, throughout history, affect the way you experience your own sense of loss in your lifetime?
  • What places in your neighborhood are the most threatened by development?
  • Is development of land always something to grieve? What distinguishes good change from bad change?
  • What actions does your sense of solastalgia motivate you to take in terms of activism, shaping public policy, making art, etc.?